Monday, July 8, 2013

What is that in my hot chocolate?

Another beautiful day spent in this beautiful city. This one started out early- needing to be early to your 9:30 AM class that is half way across town is hard in the morning when you want to stay snuggled in bed! I did manage to get there, don't worry, in enough time to print all of my assignments! Class was very long (9:30-1:30) but I packed a nice little lunch that I somehow managed to eat the whole time. It kept me occupied as I listened to Jewish history, which is, by the way, a really difficult topic to learn about. Julia, Shauna, Sara, and I then went in search of the Cafe Louvre, one that was recommended to us by the staff here! It proved to be just what we hoped for- a little place tucked away complete with a waiter wearing a bow tie (maybe that was only in my perfect cafe dreams, but I was rather excited because "Bow ties are cool.") Julia and I ordered (I bet you can guess) hot chocolate. BUT WAIT! This hot chocolate came with ice cream in it. I am never going back to regular old hot chocolate- it was so good! We stayed there a bit enjoying the beautiful day, and then left to wind our way around the city, stopping in a second hand clothing store, finding lots of good places to eat (taking mental notes on them), visiting a few touristy shops, stumbling across random beautiful statues, and eventually finding our way back home. There we stayed just hanging out for a little while, until we were ready to go see a movie! Marc, Julia, and I took the metro to a great theater in Old Town where we saw Despicable Me 2 in English and in 3D! It was super neat. A few strange things: you have to choose your seat when you buy your ticket (I'm pretty sure we didn't even sit where we chose) and you have to buy your 3D glasses. The movie was great and the theater was so nice. I was very impressed. On our way home we sat by the river and watched the sunset and then grabbed some delicious pizza and that brings me to now! Great day. This week promises to be very busy and very fun so I am quite excited. A few of these pictures are not from today but Julia sent them to me so they are here for your viewing pleasure. Sending all my love, until next time. (Also, I have been very good at falling UP the stairs lately. Just wanted to share.)
THIS is the hot chocolate. You want some, right? Yes. I do.

Cause we're the 3 best friends anybody ever had...
Julia put baby daises on my rear end while we sun bathed in Karlsbad. Who knows why. She is the coolest.
What can I even say about this one? Nothing.
Sara and me in Karlsbad!
I have the greatest friends. <3
Staring at the Dancing House (last week)
Again, my friends are the coolest. (Karlsbad)
I am ALWAYS excited about free ice cream. Even if it is blue. (Karlsbad)

The lovely Prague sunset over the Vltava River.