Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Beer Garden

Today was a really nice, rather lazy, and very fun Sunday. The morning started out with me waking up a little later than normal, finishing homework, and going up to join Marc on the sixth floor for a "spot of tea," as he likes to say. A little while later, he, Sara, and I left to go see the City Museum, a place dedicated to the entire history of Prague- it was really neat. Afterward, we all went shopping at Billa, the local grocery store, and I stocked up on food that should last me for another week or two. We then headed home and all made lunch- Marc and I hung out for that, too, which was really nice. We all stayed at home for a while after that, which was really nice and something I needed- a relaxing day. A little later in the night, I ended up on the top floor again singing songs with friends while our friend Yoyoung played guitar. The night ended with a few of us heading out to watch the sunset in a beer garden! I had no idea what to expect a beer garden to look like, but it was situated in a park very close to home and it was filled with picnic tables, people, and places selling food and beer- all facing a screen playing music videos (in English, of course, and I danced when Enya and Dido came on). On the way home, we stopped at The Big Lebowski, played some chess/checkers, and headed home. It was a much-needed relaxing day. School tomorrow- I finished my huge load of homework, so thank goodness for that. Until next time! Sending my love.
The beautiful sunset of Prague

A pensive Julia, caught watching the sunset.

Pictures of pictures and Marc.

Our fearless leader Yoyoung!

The entrance to the beer garden