Friday, July 12, 2013


Happy Friday! Today, Julia, Shauna, and I went to Ikea. Yes...Ikea. Julia has wanted to for quite some time, and now I can say I have been to Ikea in Europe. It was what you would expect- very Ikea like. English music was playing, however, and for a while I had a funny feeling I was back in the States...until the advertisements came on in Czech. We walked around for quite a while and then found the restaurant part where I got a great little salad and the cutest most delicious pastry on earth. (It was filled with, what I think was chocolate and an angel.) We then wrapped our visit up by visiting the section where you can buy Ikea food and got back on all of the transportation that had gotten us there in the first place. Before getting home, we stopped at the main post office of Prague to drop of some special things in the mail that some of you may be seeing before long! It was HUGE, and the moment I walked in, I felt like a complete foreigner; people were milling around waiting for their turn at one of the windows, each of which had a number just like the DMV! It was entirely unknown to me. I scurried around for a few minutes and ended up walking outside, finding a drop box there, and scurrying away. Once home, I realized I needed to lay down. I got very little sleep last night (not sure why) and I also felt like I had been on a swing all day long. (For those of you who don't know, I get completely nauseous just by getting on a swing for 5 minutes.) Perhaps it was the heaps of buses and metros we had to take to get us to and from Ikea...or maybe the maze that is Ikea. Either way, I'm feeling a bit better now. The original plan was to have a traditional Jewish dinner tonight, put on by our Jewish Studies professor, but we haven't heard from her so our new plan is to cook a nice dinner for ourselves. That's all I've got for you today. Love to all, until next time.
My little treat from Ikea