Saturday, July 6, 2013

Karlsbad, Czech Republic

After a 14 hour day, hello to you! Today was quite enjoyable and filled with memories that I know I will look back upon and laugh at/smile at/cringe at. Sara, Marc, Julia, and I started our day out with a nice RUN to the bus stop at 7:15 in the morning as we always end up doing together (not naming the late person this time) and we arrived at the bus terminal just in time to catch our ride to Karslbad! About 2 hours later, we arrived in a city filled with people vising for the film festival and the famous healing hot springs. We all wandered around the festival for a while and sadly found out that all of the movie tickets had gone up for sale yesterday and the only way to see one was to take a chance and wait for open seats, after buying a pass first. We all opted out of this option. Marc, however, in his magical ways, scored a ticket and got in to see a movie! Sara, Julia, and I ended up winding around the town which turned out to be quite beautiful. We then magically stumbled upon our own little movie-viewing session- 8 boxes with TV's on them were set up on the porch of a building and they were all playing different parts of a short film. If you followed them in order, you ended up watching the whole thing- it was great! The soundtrack was beautiful and the story was precious (it was about love, so of course I fell in love with it...*sigh*) If you are interested, it was called Sleepwalking in the Rift. I highly recommend it. I was then very pleased because I ended up seeing a movie at the film festival after all! We then went on a long, long search for the public bath, touching (and tasting) the healing waters of the hot springs all around town as we went. We eventually found this hidden pool right in front of our faces and jumped in...only to be kicked out by a rather grumpy man who said it was closing in 5 minutes. One thing led to another and before I knew it, the bathrooms were closed, I was wet and wanted to change, so we found our way to a conveniently large bush where I was without clothes for a few moments. Quite the adventure. All was well as we continued along the path that led away from my changing area and before I knew it, we were walking through a cemetery. So yes, friends, Janna has officially been unclothed in a cemetery. I can check that off the bucket list. The last hours passed with more walking through town, buying corn on the cob, and waiting at the bus station to catch our ride home. It really was quite the day. Now it is time for me to get some homework done and go to bed. Love to all.
It was the 48th Film Festival in Karlsbad, thus this logo. I had been trying to figure this out for weeks!

We got free ice cream on our walk through town!

This is where the short film was played. Look it up! Loved it.

Here I am touching the hot spring and woooo boy was it hot- 64 degrees Celsius

Marc sometimes does yoga in public places on the floor...

Here is the city, looking up!

Cute little daisies were everywhere in a park where we took a rest!

Here is the city up a little higher (after my cemetery adventure)