Monday, July 29, 2013

An Amazing (and rainy) Day

Day two in Basel has been absolutely amazing- I love this city, I love being with Carolyn and Kurt, and I continue to love being abroad. Since Kurt went to work early this morning, Carolyn and I spent the day together- we lounged around a bit (which was amazing and so needed) doing some laundry, making breakfast and lunch, and a few other things around the house. We then went out and enjoyed each other's company at an amazing cafe right down the street. I ordered hot chocolate and we shared an amazing pastry that is well-known in Switzerland. We then continued our wonderful day by hopping on a train to Rheinfelden to enjoy their AMAZING spa. I cannot begin to explain how immense and fantastic this place was. I got into hot pools with bubbles, cool pools without bubbles, ice baths, really hot hot tubs, wet and dry saunas, and a pool so filled with salt that I floated with no effort at all- there was even music in the water! I fell in love with this place. Seriously. I wish you could all experience it for yourself. 3 amazing hours later, Carolyn and I headed back to Basel and grabbed falafel-  this is basically the burrito of Switzerland. Mmm was it good. We then met up with Kurt and a few friends and enjoyed a nice night out. Today was so wonderful- Carolyn and Kurt have been perfect hosts so far and simply spending time with my family in Europe is surreal. I am a happy little lady. I have sort of stopped taking as many pictures because I am enjoying everything so much in the moment that I end up forgetting to. Here are a few to share with you from today, though. Until next time, friends.
After it rained all day, there was a double rainbow in the sky!

mmm my tasty falafel