Sunday, July 28, 2013

Traveling Adventures and The Beauty of Basel

Hello from Basel! As I expected, today and yesterday have been FILLED with stories. I'll keep it short on here, but I have arrived safely in Basel after a 17 hour train ride that was supposed to be 13- that was interesting to say the least. I'll tell that story in a moment. The last hours I spent in Prague were filled with watching the sun rise from the roof with the amazing friends I have made this summer, followed by a tearful goodbye to Julia and a few others, making lunch with Marc and some other boys who were left, walking to a park in 92 degree heat, and leaving a beautiful city that has been my home for the past month. Getting to the train station was easy, finding where the heck to go was difficult. Once I did, though, I hopped on board the train that would take me to my sister and Kurt! I boarded at about 6:00 PM and got of at 11:15 AM. Check my math on that one, friends. It was long, occasionally extremely hot, but overall not bad! I made a few friends and I slept through the incident that apparently caused us to be four hours late- removing a fallen tree from the tracks. I only learned that was what had happened when I arrived in Basel. Crazy! Once in Basel, though, everything went smoothly. I found Kurt and Carolyn quickly and we headed to their apartment- it is wonderful! I am so pleased that I get to spend the next week and a half here. Kurt made us a delicious lunch that we enjoyed on their balcony that overlooks the city- you can even see mountains in Germany from it! Carolyn and I then took a nice walk around the city and she was able to show me quite a bit in a short amount of time. When we returned, Kurt made us a delicious avocado spaghetti for dinner (he is quite the man!) and we enjoyed more of each others' company. We then headed of to meet one off Carolyn's friends from school at a local bar by the river, and from there we went to see a movie that was being shown outside on a huge screen! The weather here (just today!) had been threatening to storm all day- and it let loose during the movie! The movie company provided some great orange ponchos that got us through. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had- and the movie was quite good (and in English.) Overall, these last two days have been beyond memorable; I have had some tough times and I have had some absolutely amazing times. This adventure has been amazing, enlightening, and just so incredible- I believe it will only get better these next 9 days. Love to all, until next time.
The last sunrise in Prague

A beautiful day at a park in Prague

A little glimpse of my sleeping car on the train. Tight quarters...

I closed my eyes at some point and next thing I knew, I was in Dresden. Snapped a picture in my sleepy state of mind.

The Rhine River in Basel!

This city is so beautiful. I can't wait to see more of it.