Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 Countries in 1 day

Hello! I wish my ramblings could do justice to the amazing time I am having right now- they simply can't but as always, I shall do my best to share my amazing day with all of you. After an early start, (complete with a breakfast smoothie and some delicious bread) Carolyn and I began our day- on bicycles! After riding for quite sometime, we arrived at the border of Switzerland and France. Yes. Today I biked around France. Ahhh. Life is so incredible. Once we took the necessary cheesy photo, I followed Carolyn to her garden- it was absolutely amazing! They have everything you can imagine and more- we ate our fill of raspberries, blackberries, random flowers, seeds, and even weeds- everything was so yummy. After spending quite a bit of time here and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, we hopped back on our bikes and pedaled to Saint Louis, a border city in France. I honestly couldn't believe I was in France the entire bike ride so I simply stared open-mouthed at everything (allowing for a nice bug opening...yuck). Here, we stopped for a yummy little lunch consisting of a baguette straight from a bakery in France, Swiss cheese, olives, and dried mango. We soon ventured into a park that was filled with water buffalo and all kinds of birds and fish (it was a preserved marsh). After a while, we headed out of the city and crossed a bridge and, before I knew it, I was in Germany. Yes. I went to Germany today. Granted, I was there for about two minutes as I passed through a popular shopping center but it totally counts. We then began biking back toward Basel, stopping for a little ice cream/iced tea treat along the way. About 8 hours later, here I am. It has been such an incredible day. And more is still to come! We will be making home-made pizza tonight, followed up by some salsa dancing later in the evening. Just believe me when I say that I have a constant smile plastered to my (very exhausted) face. Love to all, until next time.
There's France!

We arrived at the garden!

mmm want some?!

We had to get the ridiculous nail polish in the photo. Duh.

More garden!

Thanks to my amazing big sister, this awesomeness happened.

We ate these seeds! They tasted a bit like perfume...they were so strange and yummy.

Echinacea! with its bee friend

A stop for lunch in a little French park

The amazing marsh!

Germany is on the left, Switzerland is behind me, and France is on the right.

Enjoying the sun on the Rhine

Our refreshing iced tea- needed after a day of biking!