Wednesday, July 3, 2013

First Day of Class

Today was my first day at Charles University! I felt like the new kid at school again- I was nervous and excited. My class has 16 people in it (all USAC kids) and our professor is really kind and quite funny. It was, however, 4 hours long, so there was a lot of information to sit through, all of it very interesting. We will have a large research paper to do and I already have homework, so I will be a busy girl. After class, I introduced a few of my classmates to the amazing cafe Mark and I found yesterday- they all loved it and it certainly lived up to my expectations. I got a hot chocolate (of course) and I also tried a mozzarella, cheese baguette- delicious. I have told everyone that this is the place that will be my after school hangout (I am so excited). Mark, Sara, Julia, and I then went and wandered through Prague a bit and eventually found our way back to the apartment, where I will be the rest of the night doing homework and laundry. I am just so exciting, huh? Tomorrow is the fourth! It is a strange thought that I will not be in the States to celebrate, but hopefully we will have something fun going on here. Also, I have a lot of pictures for you this time. Enjoy, and until next time.
This is what you see when you walk out of the shopping mall here. Amazing.

One of the many delicious treats I am trying (as I search for the winner to take home to loved ones)

The church of the main castle here

The winner of the hot chocolate competition (so far)- found with Carolyn and Kurt near the castle.

Yes...this statue is peeing. He also moves. Mhmm. Czech humor.

Here is a nice blurry picture of my apartment! So cozy.

My amazing salad from a few nights ago. mmmmm

Vegetable soup from a few days ago. So good.

So far, this is the winner of the treat contest. Those of you at home, this may be in your lucky little hands once I step off that plane.

Julia, Mark, and I feasted on ice cream from the mini market last night while we watched "The Big Lebowski"

We were given this chocolate in class today! It means "student." It is filled with nuts and fruit- quite good.

The hot chocolate from my favorite cafe .