Friday, July 5, 2013

The Eiffel Tower

Happy Friday! Today, almost all of the people in my USAC group left Prague for various locations (Berlin and Croatia being two big ones), so those of us who were left went on a great walk through the city! Professor Susan Mason, a great lady from Boise University who is teaching a planning class here, was our fearless leader. The group was made up of me, Marc, Julia, Sara, Jared, and Erin (the last two being a great married couple on this trip). Julia, Marc, Sara, and I started the day out by buying tickets to go on a day trip to Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (known as Karlsbad in English)! We will be leaving tomorrow at 7:30 AM on a bus- we are very excited! They are currently having a film festival there and they are well-known for their healing spas. It should be a very full and fun day. Afterward, we all started our adventure throughout the town. We began at the bottom of one of the tallest points in Prague and walked our way up- quite the trek! Once up at the top of this hill, there was a building that resembled the Eiffel Tower (it was built by the same people); if you start from the base of the hill and go all the way to the top of this building, that distance is as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Pretty incredible! Of course, I paid my fee and made my way to the very top. It was a breathtaking view of all of Prague, and we picked a pretty great day to see all around us. Just a side note, the building swayed in the wind- I was not very fond of this part. After that, we wound through the city some more and found a really great bicycle-themed restaurant where I ordered a delicious Czech salad with blue cheese, walnuts, grapes, and an orange dressing. Julia and I then wound our way back to the apartment so we could work on our massive pile of homework. In about half an hour, those of us left in the apartment are going to make a delicious pasta dinner and then it will probably be bed time as it will be a very early morning for our day trip adventure. I have included a lot of pictures in this one, most of them from last night when we went to see the Lennon Wall and then ate in the Lennon-themed restaurant- so much fun! Sending all of my love, until next time!
Do we all live in a yellow submarine? Maybe we just travel through the yellow submarine tunnel...

The thing to do here is lock your many loves have been locked!

A side view of the huge Lennon Wall, a famous place where people express themselves by drawing/writing. It is amazing.

Marc in the middle of the heart

Loved this.

I pretended this was written for me...

Did you know I really don't like quiche? I'm rethinking that as of now.


This is a memorial at the bottom of the huge hill we climbed. It is in memory of those who lost their lives/well-being during Communist rule. It was incredible.
I guess I just keep finding all of the best guys in Europe...
There are two of them staring at each other just peeing. And moving their hips. Couldn't help myself.

The neat decorating in the restaurant we ate at today!