Monday, July 15, 2013

Public Speaking

Hello! Today was a day filled with school, walking around exploring, and homework. Class was very long, as usual, but today I had a presentation to give! After watching 7 others go before me, I got all ready and gave it my best. I think I did well, and I hope I gave others a better understanding about my topic, the concentration camp called Terezin- we will be visiting it this Wednesday during our field trip. After class, a group of us went to Cafe Louvre (the cafe with the hot chocolate that has ice cream in it) and I ordered a slice of delicious blueberry pie that came with a little dollop of amazing vanilla ice cream. Mmmm. Julia and I then set off to explore the Jewish Quarter a little more. It was quite neat, and since we went there last week on our field trip, we knew our way around pretty well! On the way, we accidentally met up with Marc (this big city is surprisingly small) so he joined us. We all had a nice time together. After a while, we headed back to the apartment so we could get going on our pile of homework that never seems to get any smaller... Tonight I may go out with friends after cooking dinner with Marc. We shall see! Also, last night Julia and I went out for a late night ice cream run to (believe this) McDonald's to try their Magnum ice cream shakes. They were so yummy. We also saw a monk. All I could think was Pumas in a Park, Monks in McDonald's- Europe. So amazing. Love to all, until next time.
My ice cream from last night...

There he is!

My yummy treat from today!