Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Couscous and Honey Cake

Today was a wonderful, semi-relaxing Janna day. I woke up early (too early!) and laid in bed for quite a while reading. At 10:00 my other friend Julia (not my room mate) came down to my room and we went out to get her ear pierced together! I knew the place so I went as moral support and as a map. She was so brave! Afterward, she and I met up with Jessica and Victoria at a great little restaurant near school where I ordered couscous and a salad with home made apple juice- it was delicious. I then left those 3 as they had class and I wandered my way home, spending my afternoon reading and taking a shower. The time I had to myself was lovely! Julia (my room mate) then came home, we told each other about our days, and then we headed off to my favorite cafe, the one by school, for the jazz night they were having! Here, I ordered honey cake and shared it with Julia- it was absolutely divine- while watching a local band play jazz music...how much better can things get? Julia, Leah, Marc, and I then walked to the river and watched the sunset, heading home right afterward. Couldn't ask for a much better day. Love to all.
A few of us at lunch! (Victoria, Jessica, me)

Something Julia and I saw on the way to getting her ear pierced. Neat!

My lunch! mmmmm

The jazzy jazz band.

The honey cake...

Sunset over Prague

Seen on the tram ride home. Have I mentioned everyone here dresses so well, including the men? I especially liked this boy's boots and pants so creepy me took a photo of him.