Thursday, July 11, 2013

Days of Homework

Today was one of those days- one where I realized I have a mountain of homework to do and I want to do everything and anything else instead. Once I woke up, I buckled down and tried to kick some butt. I succeeded! With the pile a bit decreased, I took some time to get ready and then headed to the bus station, then the metro, then walked to school to meet the Czech language class before they went shopping for our cooking class! I met them as they walked toward the metro, which I proceeded to get right back on to, and we headed to Billa where the professor (who led the cooking class) bought 4 bags of potatoes. Once home, we headed up to the sixth floor, where the cooking took place, and got down to business. I, along with about 4 other constant companions, helped Lenka, the professor (and our cooking leader!).  I helped peel onions, make the onion and potato salad (recipe is coming home with me!) and I helped fry the schnitzel. Overall, I learned a great deal, and the food was tasty, too! I also spent some quality time with myself today reading and relaxing a bit (both were very needed, and much deserved). Not a lot to say for today, I suppose. It was gray and stormy out all day- that certainly helped with my homework endeavors, as being outside meant being a bit chilly! It was a welcome change, however. Missing everyone at home, but, as always I am enjoying my time here. Sending all my love.
Lenka as she fries schnitzel

Here is the table as we prepared the food for our feast