Friday, July 26, 2013

The Last Day in Prague

Sadly, today was my last full day in this beautiful city that has been my home for the past month. It was, of course, bittersweet. I began the day with a nice brunch at The Globe- Julia, Marc, and Sara joined me. I ordered waffles and boy were they good- they came with ice cream! (For those of you who know me super well, breakfast was put off until about 10:30 and I had woken up at about 8...I was slowly turning into a monster so the waffles were a very welcome sight.) After this, Julia and I explored Old Town for a while, knowing full well it was to be our last time for quite some time. We then headed home where we packed for a while and then headed out for dinner around 5- we decided on pizza! Our adventurous sides came out here...we just walked around looking for a place until we liked what we saw and then ordered! Super fun. Next on the list...I bet you can guess...we went to get a Tradinkle- our LAST one. Oh boy. This was a really sad yet very tasty moment. We shared this delicious treat while sitting on the steps of a building in Old Town while watching some men try to sell a concert to every single person who passed. A little later, Julia, Marc, Este, and I went to the park behind our house with the large man-horse statue (one of my favorites) to watch the sunset. Our plan is to wake up and watch the sunrise, too, in celebration of our last day together. I'm excited. I'm about to head off to a disco party downstairs at the bar that is under our apartment! It should be lots of fun. That is all I have to share with you as far as Prague goes, my friends. I leave tomorrow at 6:30 PM and will be packing and spending some time with Marc before he leaves. Thank you for joining me on this journey- I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings this far. Next stop: Basel, Switzerland! Look out, Kurt and Carolyn; trouble in the form of a Janna is headed your way. Until next time, love to all.
My delicious breakfast

Our last sunset...