Sunday, July 21, 2013

A City That Never Ceases to Amaze Me

Today was another wonderful day for the books- I sit here feeling enlightened and in love with the city of Prague. I began my day all alone with a plan to go exploring and finding a few things that have been on my to-do list. This list began with finding a HUGE statue of a man riding a horse that is located basically right in my back yard. In order to find it, I entered a park- let me tell you about the parks here. There are so many in this city that I would not be able to count them. And they are not like any park I have ever seen- these are the kind of parks that you can get lost in...they go on and on and are filled with luscious green grass, benches, trees, and paths that wind and curve anywhere you want to go. This park was no different, except that it was VERY steep. I knew I was getting close to the large man-horse statue as I began to get very out of breath. Suddenly, I looked up and I knew he was right there- straight in front of me were stairs (my trip wouldn't be complete without a set of stairs). Once at the top, I gasped- the statue was even bigger then I imagined. And then I turned around and gaped, likely with an open mouth- a beautiful view of Prague was lying before me. (Pictures are below!) I then set off just walking through the streets of Prague taking in everything, conscious that this was my last Sunday here. I listened to the bells gong for a very long time when the clock struck 12. I soon met up with Julia who had been finishing her research paper and we went in search of the metronome. This, my friends, is the biggest metronome I have ever seen- it is set up on a hill and I have wanted to go see it for quite sometime. Once there, Julia and I groaned inwardly at the number of stairs before us- I really got my exercise in for the day, let me tell you. Once at the top, my breath was, once again, taken away. The view I was rewarded with this time was even more stunning as I stood next to a gigantic metronome. (Pictures also below) We then wound our way home, I picked up a sandwich on the way, and we will see what tonight's plans are later. It was a wonderful last Sunday in this amazing city. Love to all, until next time.

I knew the man and his horse were right up these stairs!


My house is in there somewhere...

The view that the man and his horse get to look at forever

Julia and I were not so pleased about the plethora of stairs

The giant metronome!

This beautiful city has stolen my heart.

Reason #234 as to why I love Prague: oh, another park? with a lovely bench that overlooks this city? yes. yes please.