Saturday, July 13, 2013

French Toast and Bacon

Hello all! Today was such a perfect day- I have so many stories to share with you! My morning started out at 10:45 out front of the apartment where Julia and I met up with Leah so we could all go to brunch! We had our goal in mind- a place called The Globe; we had heard it had an outstanding breakfast menu. And people, it passed the test with flying colors. For the first time in a long time, I had french toast, bacon, and maple syrup. ohhhh my was it delicious. The place itself was so great! They have karaoke, movie screenings, retro night, and a book store! I definitely plan on going back. After my amazing breakfast, Julia and I headed off to explore Prague! We had our plan laid out- visiting the OTHER mall, finding the chalkboard of Prague, and finding me a bracelet. Once at the mall, we milled around for a while- my goal was to find a pair of shorts (I brought none and it is not cold here...). I tried on a few, decided ugh to all of them, and just before we left the mall, I found the cutest little store with home made things from Prague. (A few presents were picked up here for a few of you amazing people at home.) Then came my turn to be the tour guide since I had been to the other places we wanted to go! I took the reins, hopped on the metro, hopped off, and led us around this glorious city finding everything we wanted (and so much more!) Can you tell I am super proud of myself?? I love that I know this city! We found peacock park and the chalkboard (these were both mentioned in a previous blog). Before this, however, we accidentally stumbled upon a wine and cheese festival with live music! Only in Europe. I was grinning from ear to ear, feeling happier than I have been in a long time. This city continues to amaze me. Julia and I then wound our way home using the super neat trams; we plan on going out to watch the sunset tonight and dong homework until then. Also, last night ended up being a ton of fun- Marc made me dinner (he is a keeper), I climbed up onto the roof (terrifying and fun), and I ended up going to a bar with live Pumas that happens to be right around the corner from where we live. Guys, I'm in Europe. Wow. Love to all.
Marc's delicious honey and salt tomatoes. He made these because he knows how much I love (and miss) vegetables. What a guy.

The (scary) view from the roof!

Here is The Globe!

My breakfast...

"Janna, take a picture of me as the train comes!"
Love this girl.

This great woman was feeding the peacock in the park. So wonderful.

The live band that we stumbled across!

And then he pulled out a flute...take my heart now.

Such a beautiful day here

The chalk wall! What do you want to do before you die?

Another glorious view. I can't get enough of it.

Just finding random pieces of beautiful artwork on my way home.