Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Last Cooking Class, the Last Tuesday

Hello all. Today was another wonderful day to add to my ever-growing collection of wonderful days. Once I woke up and got ready, I headed off alone to go to the school in order to print my train ticket to Switzerland! Once that was done, I headed back out to go on another solo adventure. My one goal was to find a park in which I could put myself under a tree in order to write and collect my thoughts. Goal accomplished. After wandering around for a bit, I headed back over to my neighborhood and ended up at one of my favorite parks- this one involves quite a steep hike to get to it but the view is so worth it. I sat here for quite a while enjoying my alone time and beginning to feel much more at peace than I had earlier. Afterward, I headed home and began working on the study guide our Jewish Studies professor gave us for the final we will be taking tomorrow. After a while, the Czech language teacher showed up and another cooking class took place! On the menu tonight was meatloaf (pork) with an onion-potato salad (present at every meal we have had) and a nice cucumber salad- it was delicious! I'll be coming home with this recipe, too. I hope to be a cooking fool... After this, Julia and I headed off to our favorite cafe, the one by school that I have mentioned oh so many times! Every Tuesday they have live music and I was so excited! Unfortunately for us, we missed it by a hair! I was so very disappointed. However, both of us still ordered a little treat and thoroughly enjoyed our last visit there. (I am really very sad about this- it is one of the places I will miss the most.) Today is Este's birthday (she is the other girl here from Reno) so we all have a plan to go out tonight to celebrate. It is actually going to be very late by the time we leave- hopefully I make it out- but I am really looking forward to it. There are some really great people on this trip. That's all for now! Sending my love to all. Until next time.
The beautiful view I had at the park

My favorite cafe

My oh so wonderful little treat

What was left of it in the end... mmmmm