Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Day, Another Field Trip

Hello, friends. Today was (partially) filled with another field trip with my Jewish Studies class. We all met outside the metro at 9:45 AM and our professor led us on our way- we were going to visit the Kafka museum. Franz Kafka, a Jewish writer, is a man I knew little about before coming here. As he spent most of his life in Prague, however, I have come to learn much more about him, especially after today. The museum itself was pretty neat and, I must add, slightly creepy; if you have ever read Kafka, you might understand why. Once we walked through all of it, we met up back outside and headed to peacock park (not truly the name of this park, just the name I have given it, and I have mentioned it in a previous post). We made our way to a little pond surrounded by a willow tree and peacocks and began to discuss our readings and listen to presentations- sounds like a pretty amazing way to have class, yeah? It certainly was, and the most beautiful weather was given to us on top of it. After class, Julia and I headed off in search of the place she was told by a local that had the best Tradinkles (my made up name for my favorite dessert here, if you recall from the multiple times I have mentioned it...). Unfortunately, after a fruitless search, we came away empty handed. Instead, however, she and I reached a great compromise- we split a delicious lunch of a sausage followed up by an amazing chocolate and banana crepe- I was not too sad about missing the Tradinkle. We then wound our way home and have been here relaxing (reading) and enjoying each other's company. That's it for now! Sending lots of love, until next time.