Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Day of Exploration

Hello everyone. Today was another wonderful day in this city- I could not have asked for much better. I woke up a little later than usual which was really nice because I needed the sleep. I got ready and headed out the door on my own, ready for a day just for me. My first stop was at the park in our neighborhood (the one we usually go to when the sun is setting). I stayed there for a few hours writing in my journal, reading, and people-watching under a beautiful tree. It was magnificent. I then picked myself up and headed off to nowhere in particular just to explore. After winding my way through a few streets, I ended up in front of an antique store- upon entering, I was immediately in love. I spent a good 45 minutes there looking at everything. Each time I turned back to a spot I had just looked at, I saw something new! It was so wonderful. I found a few knickknacks here that I am really excited to bring back. The man behind the counter spoke no English and I was so excited about his store that I felt at a loss as I tried to tell him how much I loved being there. I ended up gesturing at his entire store, smiling my huge goofy grin, and giving him a thumbs up. He laughed at me- I think we are friends now. I started walking home after that, stopping at the mini market for a few things on the way, and was back in my apartment after several wonderful hours out. Later, Marc and Devon came down and invited me to go stretch with them at the park, and I happily joined. We spent a nice hour together exploring and talking about life. I then headed back, have spent some time here, and plan on getting ice cream with Julia soon. It was such a wonderful day. Oh! I talked to my daddy this morning! It was so wonderful to hear his voice- he talked to Samantha yesterday and informed me that she is doing so well, and that she is a squad leader! I could not be more proud of my baby sister. Sending her so much love all the time. Until next time!
Taken as I was laying down in the grass of the wonderful park- such a beautiful day!
I saw a puma being walked in the park on my way to watch the sunset last night! Europe. I just love this place.