Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Last Class

Hello all. Today was the last class (and last field trip) for my Jewish Studies Class. One final, two Jewish cemetery visits, and a lot of sweating later, I am all done with class for the summer! The final was very straightforward- I believe I did quite well. We took it near our apartment at a beautiful park right by a nice farmer's market- a little distracting, yes, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Afterward, we all headed over to the Old Jewish cemetery (it is right by the creepy baby tower)- it was quite an interesting experience! From there, we went to the New Jewish cemetery. This one was in a different part of town and had both very new and very old graves. Franz Kafka, Ota Pavel, and a few other really well-known people are buried there so it was very neat to be able to see their graves. Once the field trip was over, I was BEAT. I am just so tired. However, Julia, Sara, and I went to grab some food, sitting together for a while in a little local sandwich shop. We all then headed home- it has been quite a long day. Later tonight, Julia and I will likely go out to either watch the sunset, get ice cream, or do something with Marc- most of our nights end like this and I love it. Last Wednesday in Prague and it was very nice. Love to all, until next time.
A collection of tombstones that were collected from the ruins of what used to be the rest of the Old Jewish Cemetery

The New Jewish cemetery

In the New Jewish cemetery, we were surrounded by trees with vines climbing all over- it was quite beautiful

Franz Kafka's grave