Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Janna Makes Goulash

Hello! Today was a rather uneventful day; Julia and I grabbed breakfast at a delicious place called Bohemia Bagel- I had a fried eggs with sausage on a whole wheat bagel breakfast sandwich. mmm. We then headed back toward home to keep chugging along on homework. (Breakfast was supposed to be our power food but we just wanted to go back to bed...) She and I decided to go home the long way- by crossing Charles Bridge while embracing our lovely tourist sides. We stopped to watch a neat little band made up of a clarinet, a string bass, a saxophone, and a guitar. They made me smile, especially when they played "Over the Rainbow." Julia and I both sang along. After winding our way home, we got to work. She soon had to leave to get to class so I had the room to myself- I spent it doing homework, reading, writing, and thinking. It was really nice. Around 5:00, the Czech language class showed up with Lenka, the professor (and cooking class leader), and we started round 2 of cooking class! Tonight was goulash and I helped a lot, just like last time. I'm bringing home the recipe, don't you worry! It was very yummy. I then helped clean up and am back downstairs continuing on with my mountain of homework. Tonight at 8:00, (in an hour) the restaurant downstairs is testing their new sound system and we are all invited to listen and they are offering free refreshments! Of course I will be there. Oh, Julia and I went out to get pizza after I blogged last night. It was AMAZING! I had found a place online that came highly recommended- it was a total hole in the wall that was huge. I got a spinach, mozzarella, ricotta pizza- oh my goodness. It is in the fridge for left overs. Yum. That's all I have for you today! Love to all, until next time.

Another yummy breakfast for the books!