Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Big Lebowski

Today was a nice Sunday in Prague. Not many people get to say that...I am a lucky girl. I spent the whole day with Carolyn and Kurt. We explored a lot- some of the memorable places we saw: a peacock park, (yes, this is real, Mom, we took pictures just for you) a wonderful museum, tourist-y and non-tourist-y places, a vegan restaurant, baby statues climbing the huge TV tower of Prague, (I'm more than slightly creeped out by this) a wall of chalk statements filled with what people want to do before they die, (for all my Doctor Who loving friends, "Bad Wolf" was stamped on this huge chalkboard and I was stoked) and we ended our night with a leisurely walk and a stop at the famous Big Lebowski bar where the drink to order is a White Russian. I must say it was a day filled with food, family, and fun so I am a happy (and very tired) girl. All of this intense traveling is slowly catching up with me as I have more and more free time around Prague, during which I am tempted to take multiple naps during the day. School officially starts tomorrow; my class is canceled, however, so Carolyn, Kurt, Julia, and I have some really exciting plans in the making. I am missing everyone at home, so I'm sending my love to all! As always, contact me via email, Facebook, Skype, or whatever floats your boat- I love the love. Until next time! (Some random pictures are included in this- at the moment I cannot download the photos exactly relevant to this post, so I've got some other ones for you.)
I'm just so happy to be here...

Another photo of us at the castle outside of Bratislave- Claire, Sara, Este, me, and Julia

(Almost) all of the USAC girls on this trip, standing just off of Charles Bridge.

At the castle again...a happy Janna.