Thursday, June 27, 2013

The First Shopping Trip

Another day spent in beautiful Prague! Today was quite the adventure. First off, we got to sleep in, a rarity around here, and everyone took advantage of it. Once many of us were ready, we headed off for our first jaunt around town! It began by taking the bus, something we had not done here before. One quick stop away from our apartment, we found the underground subway system thing...unsure of what to call Florenc, a different part of town. A hop skip and a jump later, we found ourselves at the mall! It is really big- 4 stories with all kinds of stores, a few American and all playing American music which is oddly found everywhere around Europe! I bought a few little things (spoilers, can't share on here!) and spent most of the time staring with my mouth open. I plan on going back. A few of us from the big group then set off on our own back to Florenc in search of Billa, the grocery chain around here that was widely suggested by past students. It was really nice. One interesting thing you must do is weigh your fruit/vegetables on a machine, tell it what it is weighing, and a sticker is printed out that you put on your bag so the checker can quickly scan it. Neat! I bought about $12.50 worth of food, (which got me a lot) bought a bag to put it all in, and checked out (with a rather impatient checker...My ignorance in their system and my lack of Czech language knowledge was a bit embarrassing though). We then headed home, I made a delicious sandwich, and later in the night we had our orientation dinner. Everyone is now officially here and we go on a glass works field trip tomorrow! That is all I've got for now. Love to all, and until next time!

One thing I did do today: paid 5 crowns ($0.25) to use a bathroom while being completely oblivious to the fact that there was a free one not far away...couldn't believe it.

Also, these pictures pictures are from the 5 day trip and were just uploaded by a friend, so here they are! All of them are thanks to Leah Kelley.
Here I am at the spa in Budapest

All of the girls at the spa!

Who even knows. The faces I make...

Julia and me on the trip! (Bratislava)

I decided it was appropriate to hug the creepy dolls in Bratislava.