Monday, June 24, 2013

Budapest, Hungary

Hello from Budapest, Hungary! I don't know if any of you are counting, but I have been in 3 countries in the past 3 amazing is that? And tiring and overwhelming and fast-paced but soooo worth it!! Today we started off the day in Vienna, during which my friends and I walked around the Belvedere Museum, drank hot chocolate in a cafe, and then proceeded to sprint across the city trying to catch our bus (the last part was not fun at all in the moment but it will make quite the story. I did, however, become quite sufficient in the art of map and underground subway reading.) We then went and visited the oldest monastery in the world where a really funny monk gave us a wonderful tour. I have lots of pictures from that that I can not share yet but I will just say this: Beauty and the Beast style library. I fell in love, got goosebumps, wanted to jump for joy, and cry all at the same time. Breathtakingly beautiful. We then travelled to Budapest, checked in to our hotel, ate a delicious dinner, and went on a short tour of the city. That's it for now!  Tomorrow we will stay in Budapest for one more night so I am looking forward to quite the day. Love to all as always. Until next time.

Note for the day: sleeping on a bus is still as difficult as always.
All of my friends and me in the restaurant here! Going from left to right: Sara,  Este, me, Julia, and Mark. Photo credit: Este