Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Budapest II

Day two in Budapest! Today was pretty amazing, as 3 hours of it was spent in the Budapest baths (the same ones used hundreds of years ago.) I was warm, cleansed and softened in this amazing place. I also got to become even closer to the wonderful people on this trip. Afterward, we took a tour of the city which included looking at the Jewish part of town, going to a beautiful farmers' market (where I ate a Hungarian hotdog...delicious) and going to a golden cafe. Free time came next- my friends and I decided our time would be well spent at a...wait for it...cat café. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like and we walked for it! With cats purring around us, we ordered hot chocolates and cakes. Yes, Allison Watson, this really happened. We then began winding our way home, which included searching for the metro, getting semi lost, finding an amazing pizza shop and eating the pizza outside on the curb, getting thr
Here we all are at the baths (post swimming). Este, Sara, Julia, me!

The ceiling of the golden café!

The cats of the cat café

Sitting on the curb eating pizza outside the pizza place!
ough town, FINDING AND SHARING TRADINKLES, and eventually finding our hotel. And here I am now! Quite the day. Tomorrow ends this amazing traveling (after visting Slovakia) and we will be back in Prague around 7:30 PM. I will update you all then.