Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Second Beginning

Hello all! It has been quite a long time! (3 years, to be exact). How amazing it feels to be here, writing in Europe again. This trip is much shorter- 7 days (minus travel time) so I will be living it up to the best of my ability! Today did not fall short of that, naturally. I endured (and enjoyed...mostly due to the people watching) 20 hours of travel across the globe. Some fun food was involved (pasta, bread, cheese, bread, meat, cheese, fruit...are you catching the theme again?!) and a lot of airport carpets were viewed. Upon arriving in Basel, my sister and I were reunited with a great embrace, hopped a bus, and immediately went to a park (my FAVORITE part about Europe, if you will remember) to have a picnic with friends and family. It included homemade quiche, cucumber salad, and some pudding, made with ingredients from my sisters's garden. Yum! Then... The adventure began- rain started drizzling down. Yes drizzling at first. I sat in it, thoroughly enjoying myself. But suddenly it was pouring. I mean it- buckets of rain were falling. Then the hail started!! My beer was suddenly iced. (Thanks, mother nature!) We ran for cover under some trees and managed for a while until it looked like we had all just walked out of the shower. We then braved a break in the storm and walked back home where a towel and shower were very welcome sights. I am already loving my time here and can't wait to share what happens next. Off to bed to work off some of this jet lag. Love to all, until next time!