Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hello! Today was another adventurous and beautiful day with my sister. After waking up (a little startled due to not knowing where I was), I enjoyed some muesli and fruit. My sister and I then decided on a spontaneous trip to Tune, a town that's about a 1.5 hour train ride from Basel. Once there, our plan was to canoe from there to Bern, the capital of Switzerland! So, after a very enjoyable and scenic train ride, we grabbed our canoe, life jackets (safety first!), and paddles, and headed off. The water was the perfect temperature for such a hot day and the most beautiful florescent blue you can imagine! Along the way we stopped for a picnic on a beach we paddled to. Our picnic consisted of bread, apples, and cheese (the theme of my food eating continues!). Aside from one large rapid that almost caused me to be a woman overboard as my sister gave a loud, "Paddle, Janna!," the experience was amazing. And if I'm being honest, that part was incredible, too- laughter abounded. Once in Bern, we walked through Old Town and enjoyed many musicians and statues (one of those was called the baby eater... Picture below). We then found an outside cafe, enjoyed some pizza, beans, and beer, and headed back to the train for a pleasant hour ride back to Basel. We are now home and have somewhat loosely planned my week here- I am so excited for all that's happened and all to come. Until next time!

The baby eater