Thursday, July 28, 2016

The End (Part II)

Hello, time for some catch up (again) and the end (again)! I am sitting in the Seattle airport on my way home right now! My last few days in Switzerland were wonderful. Monday was filled with another long hike that took us to the Rhine Gorge- a huge platform presented us with an incredible view of this gorge way down below us in a valley. Breathtaking. We then went to Lake Cresta and had a nice little picnic. That night we made amazing risotto for the family. Quite the treat.
The next day we left Mel's via bicycle- we went to a city about an hour away and had some lunch by a lake. Very pleasant. We then hopped a train to Zurich where Carolyn and I spent the rest of the day. Some ice cream, a long exploratory walk, and a refreshing swim in Lake Zurich was just what the doctor ordered. It's an amazing city that I plan on spending more time in next visit! Upon arrived back in Basel she and I enjoyed some delicious Turkish food...then bed. We were exhausted.
My last full day in Switzerland was spent shopping- I got sunglasses and a great new dress and Carolyn and Kurt both got new work clothes! We then spent some time doing laundry and drinking beer on the balcony with friends. That night was Basel Tattoo, a drum core performance that Basel is famous for- very fun and cute. Then I packed and slept and have been traveling all day! I'm thankful I got to come back and spend such quality time with my sister. What a lucky girl I am! Thank you for reading!